Monday, September 14, 2009


I have written thousands and thousands of pages attempting the novel. I have spent years now attempting the novel. Except for the rain forests that I've decimated (sorry sorry sorry to Nature!), it's not a wasted effort as one improves with practice, and also because I've been able to recycle some of the better chapters (within failed novels) into short stories. But, still, I've spent years failing at the form of novel....until now!

So it is with much purring that I announce my first successful novel entitled, what else


It is being published by the fabulous and, more significantly, very charming Teeny Tiny Publications published by Amanda Laughtland.

And, yes, as the picture shows, it's tiny (intimate) enough to nestle lovingly on your palm! Kudos to Amanda's book design--in Ron Silliman's words, "Seven chapter, 8-page novel with great color graphics ingeniously printed on a single [8 X 11"] piece of 20-lb weight copy paper."

Isn't it ironic that, when it comes to poetry, I blather forth BRICKS and BRICKS. But when it comes to the novel, I can only muster successfully a most tiny text (moithinks the Poetry Muse is very jealous and wishes, really, to retain most if not all of moi attention). NOVEL CHATELAINE contains seven small chapters. In fact, I'm happy to share the first chapter:

Chapter I

It began with the recollection of a blue silk pocket.

From which an iron key fell.

Which made her purr, "Well hello you 17th Century…!"

Doesn't that first chapter make you want to read more? It does?! Well, HERE'S THE KEY, I MEAN, MY GIFT! If you wish a copy of my novel, just email me ( your snailmail address and I will send one to you for FREE! While supplies last...


NOVEL CHATELAINE is part of a larger manuscript:


which I have faith shall be forthcoming....!


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Tree said...

I make poetry chapbooks out of one sheet of paper and give them as "party favors" at my readings. They're charming and people really like them. Of course, they don't buy my chapbooks as much!

Barbara and Harry said...

I cannot WAIT to read the rest of your novel. I can carry the novel easily in my purse and read a chapter when I am waiting for the next Bank Teller, or at the supermarket, or at the airport waiting for a flight, or for my grandchildren to finish their music lessons! What a great idea, and seductive first chapter.