Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm delighted to announce that SILK EGG: COLLECTED NOVELS (2009-2009) has been accepted for publication by the illustrious Shearsman Books of Exeter, U.K. Publication Date: Spring 2011!

SILK EGG, of course, began with the first novel Novel Chatelaine! The book will present a dozen novels! More details, no doubt, to be forthcoming!

Novel Introduction

Leny M. Strobel, Haruah (February 2009) and Kathang-Pinay (Jan. 22, 2009 post)

Ernesto Priego, Never Neutral

Jesse Glass, Ahadada

John Bloomberg-Rissman, The Blind Chatelaine's Keys

John Olson, The Blind Chatelaine's Keys

Allen Bramhall, Tributary


Novel Chatelaine Inspires Poem by Jeff Harrison, first posted on WRYTING-Listserve.


Novel Chatelaine is also part of a larger manuscript entitled SILK EGG: COLLECTED NOVELS. The title novel "Silk Egg" has been published in the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Issue of Cerise Press: A Journal of Literature, Arts & Culture, and can be read without cutting a tree OVER HERE! UPDATE: "Silk Egg" has been nominated for BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES and BEST OF THE NET!

Another novel from SILK EGG entitled Christmas is now available as a booklet from Dan Waber's tiny series from chapbookpublisher.com.

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